Raspberry Pi Wildlife camera auto install script and timelapse button for android app

So at last I put together quick and dirty script to auto setup Raspberry Pi Wild Life Camera. Script is based on my previous post here. The only difference is time-lapse script and time-lapse button on the android app.

To get everything set up first the camera module need to be enabled but reboot is not needed as the script will reboot Pi at the end.

en_camera en_camera1reboot

Once camera is enabled the script needs to be downloaded and executed and don’t forget to execute script with sudo.

Once the script finishes running Raspberry Pi will reboot and you should be able to connect to it with android app over Bluetooth.
And this is the Bluetooth dongle I am using on the Raspberry Pi
20150403_230931More information and sensor wiring diagram is available in my previous post here

You can find all of the scripts here There is also makeVideo.sh script to create time-lapse video file. Mencoder app need to be installed for the script to work. Script is based on this article step 5.

To get the files from Raspberry Pi to my PC I use WinSCP. To convert motion capture videos to editable format I use YAMB.

And this is my current setup. I am also using mobile phone wide angle lens.


Download android app here and android app source Currently unavailable due to claims of Virus. Currently I scanned it with 2 Anti virus programs and didn’t find any indication of any issues. I will investigate code later today and re-upload it. Sorry for inconvenience.


After some investigating I discovered that false positive was caused by following file generated by debug process in Android Studio

By the way the only external libraries used in the app are from http://www.jcraft.com/jsch/
The false positive is now removed and project file rescanned and clear as per www.virustotal.com

SHA256: 8f3a4953182d848c525cf93cba272633e8ab8c98e4f27beddb2cd77cad934079
File name: PiWorkingV1.7z
Detection ratio: 0 / 49
Analysis date: 2015-04-08 19:38:09 UTC ( 2 minuty ago )

False positive free version can be downloaded here

12 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Wildlife camera auto install script and timelapse button for android app

  1. have you tried running puppy on the raspi ? On Puppy you are the administrator and permissions are not a problem

    1. No I haven’t but I wanted to make everything as noob friendly as possible. Thanks for idea I will look into puppy linux for future projects.

    2. No I haven’t but I wanted to make everything as noob friendly as possible. Thanks for the idea I will look into puppy linux for future projects!

  2. Hello, Interesting project. I guess you need the torch always on while u do the recordings at night time.. The fox on the video seemed suspicious.. I wonder how it would work using a NoIR camera for rpi…

  3. Hi and thanks for the great posts

    If using bluetooth, this means I can do this and connect out in the wilderness without internet connection at all, correct?

    And what do you do when you run out of power to prevent data corruption on the SD card? I’ve previously fried an SD card in a Pi because the power was cut off by accident while it was running.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Hi. I went with bluetooth because it is less “power hungry” than WIFI. If you wanted to you could set up this solution as wifi access point and still connect to it anywhere. I have been playing around with Pi for a while and I never used proper shutdown procedure and never had any data corruption. The video recorded in this solution is in a way corrupted whatever you do because video file is never properly closed. Every time I get the video I can only play it with VLC and it never shows how long the video is. I normaly use video conversion software to fix this.

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  5. Hello,

    meanwhile it’s 1,5 years later and I would like to know what you would consider to do differently after the introductions of

    Pi Zero

    Pi Cam V2.0

    Would you use a different torch or battery?

    If you would have more power available by a POE cable for example would you consider a bigger LED?

    I want to stay connected because I will use that around the house / garden for my grandpa who would love to get the files on his NAS to access them easier then pulling out tiny micro SD cards he barely can see.

    Thks a lot

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