CCTR GPS tracker with raspberry pi and Traccar server

I recently decided to set up GPS car tracker. So I got the SMS feature working but when I went to the website to see if live tracking is working I found that I have forgotten the password. After looking around for a bit I found traccar software. So I decided to see if I can set it up on the raspberry pi and it turned out to be really easy:

Install Java:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless

Download the Linux ARM Traccar software and unzip the file once that is done run the following command:

sudo ./

You should see something like this:

Verifying archive integrity… All good.

Uncompressing traccar  100%

Detected Ubuntu or Debian:

Installing the traccar daemon using init.d..

update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing

If all is good start the process:

sudo /opt/traccar/bin/traccar start

You should see something like this:

Starting traccar…

Waiting for traccar……..

running: PID:7548

Once process is running
access the portal using our raspberry pi IP address:


The default login is Username:”admin” Password:”admin”

Set up port forwarding based on the following device list. For example if you are using CCTR-700 device forward port 5040 to your raspberry pi IP address.

Now lets have a look at the tracker setup. To set the tracker to use the raspberry pi server send following SMS message to the tracker:


123456 – tracker password – public ip address of the internet connection
5040 – the port number the tracker will use to send data

For more SMS tracker commands click here

Now back to the tracking portal. To add your device click Add in the top right corner. Enter device name (it can be called anything you like) and identifier can be obtained by sending following SMS to the tracker:


123456 – tracker password


Once device is added call the tracker number to trigger update. The device location should appear on the map.


This is really cool solution if like me you forgot your password or you just don’t want for 3rd party companies to spy on you but the only problem is that in long term this solution will only work with static external IP address or you could just update the tracker with the new IP address every time it changes.



Issues starting service since upgrade.

Solution: sudo java -jar  /opt/traccar/tracker-server.jar /opt/traccar/conf/traccar.xml

Also really cool addon:

It is possibe to upgrade the existing app but since there are database table changes it is pain in the ass. I managed to do it by exporting database in csv editing and adding the columns and reimporting the database.

Much easier is to start from scratch.



One thought on “CCTR GPS tracker with raspberry pi and Traccar server

  1. Hi I have a clean install of NOOBS V1-4-1 on a RPI B. I followed your instructions and receive a “/opt/traccar/bin/./wrapper: 1: /opt/traccar/bin/./wrapper: Syntax error: “(” unexpected” on traccar start. Can you give me a rundown on the HW an SW you had running to have success- THanks in advance —

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