installing Open Bazaar on banana pi resolving some of the issues.

Just a quick post about installing Open Bazaar on Banana Pi. I was following this guide but I hit an error:

To fix the issue run following command:

Now re-run:

I hope it saves someone some time!

Polaroid Cube+ video streaming using VLC

I bought Polaroid Cube+ few weeks back and it is brilliant action camera apart from the sound quality. The first thing I did when I got it I did port san from my phone and discovered that port 80 and port 554 were open. Since port 554 is used for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) […]

Raspberry Pi Wildlife camera

Currently I am using 20000 mAh power bank which provides enough power to run Pi and capture wildlife videos for about 18 hours in this cold weather(this was while I was filming foxes). The last time I set my camera to film mice it only lasted 8 hours but that was down to constant activity. […]