installing Open Bazaar on banana pi resolving some of the issues.

Just a quick post about installing Open Bazaar on Banana Pi. I was following this guide but I hit an error:

To fix the issue run following command:

Now re-run:

I hope it saves someone some time!

Polaroid Cube+ video streaming using VLC

I bought Polaroid Cube+ few weeks back and it is brilliant action camera apart from the sound quality. The first thing I did when I got it I did port san from my phone and discovered that port 80 and port 554 were open. Since port 554 is used for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) I got interested if I could stream video to other platforms rather just to be able to use Cube+ android application.

Many of my first attempts were not very successful. At first I tried arp cache poisoning from physical PC. What I got was loads of bad traffic to port 554, no url and no video stream in the application. The second attempt was to enable traffic forwarding on the Linux box and set the Linux box IP as default gateway on the phone. This time I saw no traffic to port 554 and the video stream was working fine in the application.

My last attempt was done on virtual machine. I connected 2 WIFI adopters to the VM with one of them connected to the Cube+ camera and the other one set as WIFI access point and both of them bridged together. I connected the phone to the VM access point and with Wireshark running I tried to open the Cube+ android application and finally got the full conversation captured. For whatever reason the video stream was blank in the application.

After examining the traffic I got the link rtsp:// RTSP/1.0

I opened the link with the VLC player and success! The live video stream was playing in the VLC player. I noticed that there was longer delay when video was streaming to VLC comparing to the android application but the main thing was that it was working.

I will be making more in-depth review once I get around to do it.



Paspberry Pi temperature, humidity monitoring and smoke detector system

This is my latest Raspberry Pi project I have been working on and off for a while and finally decided to finish it.

This project monitors temperature, humidity and detects smoke and other gasses and sends email alerts. There is also web dashboard with live readings and chart which is updated whenever the second script runs. The sensors I used are FC-22 MQ-2 gas sensor and AM2302 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor with 10k Ohm resistor. The system consists of two scripts and php page. The first one reads sensor data and writes values to www directory and if any of the values goes above the thresholds set it sends an email. The email is sent using gmail SMTP. The second script reads those values and add them to csv file which the is red by python Matplotlib module and pretty chart is created:


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Raspberry Pi Wildlife camera

Currently I am using 20000 mAh power bank which provides enough power to run Pi and capture wildlife videos for about 18 hours in this cold weather(this was while I was filming foxes). The last time I set my camera to film mice it only lasted 8 hours but that was down to constant activity. Camera was activated almost every 2 minutes.

The infra red light is powered for separate 9v battery.


Parts needed for the project:

  1. Raspberry Pi with SD card
  2. IR torch or IR LEDs and battery to power them
  3. Motion detector sensor
  4. Relay
  5. USB Low Power Bluetooth 4 stick
  6. IR Camera module for Raspberry Pi
  7. USB Power Bank

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